Arctic Headlines 03/13/2020

There’s chlamydia in the Arctic Ocean
Metro, 2020-03-13
Chlamydia is alive and well in the Arctic Ocean, scientists have discovered. The bacteria is infamous for causing sexually-transmitted infections in humans but it seems they’re also partial to deep Arctic ocean sediments.

Arctic Wolf raises $60M to introduce new service offerings and address new markets
Help Net Security, 2020-03-13
Arctic Wolf, a leading security operations center (SOC)-as-a-service company, announced it has raised $60 million in Series D funding, led by Blue Cloud Ventures and Stereo Capital, with additional participation from several new and existing investors, including Delta-v Capital and NextEquity Partners. This new round of funding will allow …

Arctic Canada: Yukon tourism operators brace for impact of COVID-19 this summer, 2020-03-13
“This is your year to explore your Yukon. There was never a better time,” Hartling said. Norway: Norway cancels NATO Arctic military exercise due to coronavirus outbreak, The Independent Barents Observer Russia: Coronavirus: Russia hints it might close its border with Norway, Finland, The Independent Barents Observer Sweden: Concern …

Henning Larsen designs Norwegian arctic museum as “cluster of glowing beacons”
Dezeen, 2020-03-13
Henning Larsen has revealed plans for The Arctic University Museum of Norway, which will evoke a cascade of glass beacons on the coast of Tromsø. The Arctic University Museum of Norway will contain a mix of cultural artefacts and natural history archives owned by University of Tromsø. While offering the university improved facilities …

Mother’s Day 2020: Top gifts to treat mum – tried and tested
Shropshire Star, 2020-03-13
The gin, coming in at a whopping 40 per cent ABV, is divine; sweet, juicy, yet sharp and fresh – an absolute delight with a simple tonic water. Barentsz is named after Dutch Arctic explorer, Willem Barentsz, which the firm says this gin is inspired by, with the jasmine and mandarin botanicals reflecting his quest for a Northeastern trading …

Climate Victims Violent? Klare’s Paean to the American Military
CounterPunch, 2020-03-13
Klare writes only of Russian and Chinese aggressive claims in the Arctic. The IPCC warning about the climate emergency would contraindicate any Arctic offshore drilling. There is no mention of U.S. military encirclement of both countries. Putin is characterized as “detonating” “global system shocks” (p. 98) by halting Russian wheat …

Why don’t we treat the climate crisis with the same urgency as coronavirus?
Dhaka Tribune, 2020-03-13
Unlike an illness, it is harder to visualize how climate breakdown will affect us each as individuals. Perhaps when unprecedented wildfires engulfed parts of the Arctic last summer, there could have been an urgent conversation about how the climate crisis was fueling extreme weather, yet there wasn’t. In 2018, more than 60 million people …

1st LD-Writethru: China’s polar-observing satellite completes Antarctic mission
China Internet Information Center, 2020-03-13
Its data will also be used to study global climate changes and develop Arctic shipping routes, according to Cheng Xiao, lead scientist of the project. In the past, Chinese scientists conducted polar studies mainly based on data collected by vessels and research stations. The use of remote sensing satellite technology will enable them to monitor …

Anchorage homeless services brace for spread of coronavirus
Alaska Dispatch News, 2020-03-13
The homeless are a challenging population to take care of in the best of circumstances. They tend to suffer from weakened immune systems and underlying health conditions due to the harsh nature of street life, especially in the sub-Arctic. Their fragile health is often compounded by chronic alcohol and substance misuse and mental health challenges.

China’s polar-observing satellite completes Antarctic mission
China Internet Information Center, 2020-03-13
The polar-observing satellite, with a design life of about one year, will also be used to study global climate changes and develop Arctic shipping routes, according to Cheng Xiao, lead scientist of the project. “The Ice Pathfinder will rectify China’s lack of polar observation data and reduce the country’s dependence on imports of the …

RAF Typhoons Intercept Russian Tu-160 “Blackjack” Bomber in Third Intercept this Week.
The Aviationist, 2020-03-13
Long-range pilots regularly fly over the neutral waters of the Arctic, North Atlantic, Black and Baltic Seas, and the Pacific Ocean. All flights of aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces are carried out in strict accordance with the International Rules for the Use of Airspace.” Official RAF photo of Voyager tanker that supported the three …

Coronavirus adds to the risk of miscalculation between global enemies
KESQ News, 2020-03-13
That message, that the US is ready to deploy to Europe at a scale and pace not seen since the Nazis, will be diluted. What does that mean for Russia’s increased ambitions in the Arctic? For the peace talks stumbling in Ukraine, where Moscow and Kiev have incompatible visions for elections in the separatist areas in October? If you are an …

Several Early Season U.S. Airshows Cancel Due to Concern Over COVID-19 Spread.
The Aviationist, 2020-03-13
According to a March 12, 2020 report in the New York Times by Helen Cooper and Thomas Gibbons-Neff, “The United States and its military partners in South Korea and Europe have canceled planned exercises in the Arctic, the Middle East and South Korea. But troops who had already arrived for another large-scale exercise, in Eastern Europe along …

Total to help stabilize the French power grid with new battery-based energy storage system
EuropaWire, 2020-03-13
Saft is powering industry and smarter cities, while providing critical back-up functionality in remote and harsh environments like the Arctic Circle and the Sahara Desert. Saft is a wholly-owned affiliate of Total. Total is a major energy player that produces and markets fuels, natural gas and low-carbon electricity. Our 100,000 employees are …

SAMS’ sensor highlights marine light sensitivity
The Oban Times, 2020-03-13
A team of Norwegian and UK researchers found that the smallest contact with light can cause creatures to move away from its source, potentially skewing scientific results and leading to calls for changes to be made to the way that Arctic marine populations are surveyed. This could also have drastic effects on ocean dwellers, with lowering …

Blossoms’ Tom Ogden: Right now it feels like we’re in the best condition of our lives
The Irish News, 2020-03-13
“We have toured with some of our heroes before and The Killers are definitely up there. It’s an honour, really.” Ogden reels off the acts Blossoms have shared a stage with: Paul Weller, Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner and both Gallagher brothers. “We have done all our heroes,” he says before tossing in for good measure: “Ah, the Stone Roses.”

First signs that spring is on the way
The Arran Banner, 2020-03-13
The Iceland gull and glaucous gull were both first-winter gulls . These Arctic breeding species are not reported every winter on Arran. Wintering wildfowl continued to be present including: a male goldeneye on Mossend Pond on Febraury 10, seven White-fronted geese in the Shiskine Valley on February 11, 350 greylag geese also in the Shiskine …