Arctic Watch Headlines 12/07/2022

2-million-year-old DNA reveals a lost Arctic world
National Geographic on, 2022-12-07
The oldest DNA ever analyzed shows that reindeer and mastodons once wandered a nearly unrecognizable Greenland.

Oldest DNA ever sampled paints a lush portrait of a lost Arctic world
Popular Science, 2022-12-07
DNA, or environmental DNA, has helped reconstruct an entire ecosystem in northern Greenland, dating before the ice ages.

DNA from 2m years ago reveals lost Arctic world
The Guardian, 2022-12-07
Breakthrough pushes back DNA record by 1m years to time when region was 11–19C warmer than today

Surprising loss of sea ice after record-breaking Arctic storm is a mystery to scientists
Live Science on, 2022-12-07
Although models accurately predicted the evolution of the Arctic storm, scientists were surprised to see just how much sea ice thickness decreased in the storm’s aftermath.

Oldest Known DNA Offers Glimpse of a Once-Lush Arctic
The New York Times, 2022-12-07
In Greenland’s permafrost, scientists discovered two-million-year-old genetic material from scores of plant and animal species, including mastodons, geese, lemmings and ants.

World’s oldest DNA reveals thriving Arctic ecosystem 2mn years ago
The Financial Times, 2022-12-07
Scientists have decoded 2mn-year-old DNA preserved in Ice Age sediments in the far north of Greenland, revealing an ecosystem twice the age of the oldest genetic material previously discovered. The DNA fragments,

This New Line of Arctic-Ready Winter Gear Can Keep You Warm at -122 Degrees Fahrenheit
YAHOO!News, 2022-12-07
On Wednesday, menswear label Vollebak released its new “Titan” collection, which takes its name from Saturn’s largest moon. The three-piece line includes a puffer jacket, trousers and a hat, each in blue,

UK weather: Drivers warned of risks as Arctic blast begins
BBC, 2022-12-07
Motorists are being advised to keep warm clothes, blankets and flasks of tea in their vehicles as a cold snap begins across the UK. The RAC said people driving in frosty, icy conditions should prepare to keep warm in the event of breakdowns,

Arctic Inuit see gains, losses at climate change convention
Indian Country Today on, 2022-12-07
Canada, Chukotka (Russia), and Greenland. It has worked since 1972 to protect and promote Inuit rights, ways of life and unity, and the Arctic environment. According to the council, the United Nations international climate convention held in Sharm El-Sheikh,