Arctic Watch Headlines 08/16/2022

Biofluorescent snailfish brave Arctic waters with built-in antifreeze
Popular Science, 2022-08-16
A tiny snailfish species living in Greenland contains high levels of antifreeze proteins that allow it to survive subzero temperatures.

Striking study finds Arctic Circle warming at 4 times the global rate
New Atlas, 2022-08-16
Scientists understand the area in and around the North Pole to be warming disproportionately to the rest of the planet, a phenomenon known as “Arctic amplification.” A new study, however, argues that this effect has been vastly underestimated,

The Arctic is warming nearly four times faster than the rest of the world
PBS, 2022-08-15
The Earth is approximately 1.1℃ warmer than it was at the start of the industrial revolution. That warming has not been uniform, with some regions warming at a far greater pace. One such region is the Arctic.

The Arctic Is Warming Up To 4 Times Faster Than The Rest Of The Planet, New Study Shows
News9, 2022-08-15
Scientists have known for years that the Arctic has suffered from more warming than the rest of the world. But a new study shows that it’s much worse than previously thought.

The US Air Force is stocking up on stealth jets in Alaska, and its pilots are learning to thrive in harsh Arctic conditions
Business Insider on, 2022-08-16
“If you don’t do all the little things right,” Col. David Berkland said this month, “you are going to pay for it when it’s 50 below and dark out.”

The Arctic is Warming Faster Than Previously Thought
Discover Magazine, 2022-08-14
This is not just a problem for polar bears. That’s because what happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic.

Glowing Arctic snailfish is packed with antifreeze proteins
New Scientist on, 2022-08-16
Greenland’s variegated snailfish produces antifreeze proteins that stop large ice crystal formation, keeping the animal’s blood like a slushie, instead of frozen solid

I didn’t think I’d like my 1st Arctic expedition cruise; here’s what proved me wrong
The Points Guy on, 2022-08-15
TPG’s Ashley Kosciolek was hosted by Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours for an Arctic expedition sailing on Scenic Eclipse. The opinions expressed below are entirely hers and weren’t subject to review by the line.

These bioluminescent Arctic fish contain loads of ‘antifreeze’ — more than any other polar species
Gothamist, 2022-08-16
Scientists at CUNY and the American Museum of Natural History warn that as they learn more about the incredible evolutionary traits of these iceberg-dwelling fish, time is not on their side.

Canada’s ‘Arctic Rose’ Susan Aglukark continues epic journey
Indian Country Today on, 2022-08-16
Susan Aglukark is the most celebrated Inuit musical artist in Canadian history but it was her work off the stage that was recognized at the 2022 Juno Awards, the nation’s annual celebration of music.